December 7, 2010

21, 20, 19...

Day 21 of advent, again saw my boy help himself and somehow managed to lose the decoration he found in the card!

Day 20 saw the baby choose a card with a small felt circle "bauble" to put on the tree.

Day 19 and the eldest had her turn and again managed to choose an activity card, which will see us all in the kitchen making cupcakes for christmas sometime in the week leading up to christmas. Possibly the 23rd, so we can take them to the christmas eve celebrations at Aunties place the next day.

Day 18 today and they have not done the advent calendars yet, I have chicken wings in the slow cooker, ready for dinner left over salad from last night in the fridge and that is all I can be bothered with! Today saw the kitchen almost clean... and me feeling like an emotional time bomb!

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