December 3, 2010

Days of Advent

So here is how the calendar count down works, you pick a random card.... Have a look what it inside, discuss (if needs be), write the number of days until xmas morning on the card and slot it back in the pocket with the number facing out like so....

Card 24 - day 1 of advent, as discussed earlier was to make a summer seasonal table - we have given this the date of the 12th December.

Card 23 - day 2 of advent, has seen the big kidlet pull another activity card, a trip to the Holwell Gorge, which is another activity we have been meaning to do and never found the time, we have decided that we will have a combination day and Visit the Gorge on the 12th of december also and collect things/take photo's for our seasonal table there instead of here in our little area of bushland.

Card 22 - day 3 of advent, this morning saw my son help himself to a card, claiming it was his little sister's choice, because it was her turn... inside they found a small felt bell to put on the felt christmas tree.

I now need to research the Nature's Table idea and give the oldest kidlet a chance to read through a few options and maybe make up an activity list for doing on the day. I am thinking a wreath style collage, using summer foliage, some printed photo's, a few summer coloured candles.... some interesting bits and pieces that we all choose to represent summer for us!

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