December 13, 2010

Advent 16, 15, 14 and 13

With the kidlets being all over the place at the moment due to parental commitments it means we have been lax in other things, the advent calendar has been behind in days on a regular basis!!

Big Kidlet pointed out to me the day AFTER I had "made sure it was correct" that it was STILL a day short *sigh*

So Day 16 - decoration
Day 15 - decoration
Day 14 - Decoration
Day 13 - Decoration

Today being day 12 has not been opened yet!

I know that there are 2 activities (at least) left in the calendar.

The seasonal table and trip to Holwell Gorge didn't occur yesterday as the weather was unfavourable to spending time in the bush, cold and windy.
So the trip to HG has been put off until the 21st december, we are doing our aquatic centre visit on the 20th. The weekday that hubby and big Kidlet are both on holidays. I am thinking a seasonal table will happen before then however when exactly I am not sure yet!!

In other news, 90 photo's are here ready for me to sort through and scrap into a xmas present for my MIL, my SIL's quilt is half way through the machine sewing and I am hoping to finish that off today, then I need to bind it all together and finally do the hand quilting... so much still to do!! But I am really happy with it so far!

I have familymas presents to wrap and layby's to pick up so I can wrap! Only a few more things to buy and it is all looking good for now :) (touch wood - if you are superstitious)

XX Merry Familymas XX

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