December 15, 2010

12, 11, 10

day 12 saw... well actually I can't remember, which tells me one of the kidlets picked a card with decoration...

11 (done this morning) Was to have take out for dinner, because november was declared no 'junk food' month it is a special treat to have take out this month, I am hoping it will become more of a treat rather than a constant as it used to be for us!

day 10... 10... 10 days til familymas... how the hell am I going to get everything done?
- the big kidlet drew 11 and 10 this morning. 10 was a card for a cooking time, this she got to pick what she wanted to make and chose... pies! yep homemade pies in the pie maker it is... when? That is yet to be determined!!!

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