December 2, 2010

Debtcember - Advent - Summer

Debtcember as it is known on our fridge calendar, in true naming fashion, sees us not in Debt so much as having no spare cash to throw around!

It is the second day in december, the christmas tree is up lights and all and the kidlets are enjoying the randomness of the way they put it together on there own (a little help from dad for the lights)

The advent calendars have been started (yes there are multiples), 4 of them in fact! 1 chocolate calendar each for the children from Aunty A, and the Family Advent calendar hand made by me!!!

The Christmas Tree half

The pocket half

The christmas tree will be docorated by the felt decorations the children will find in the pockets.

The whole Calendar, the only thing left to do it make up some cards for each pocket and put the decorations in the cards, 17 decorations and 24 days of advent..... so 7 of our cards have activities written in them.

The pockets each with a card poking out the tip top.
The design is such that the children randomly select a pocket pull the card out and discover what is inside, 17 have the christmas tree decorations and 7 of them have family activities, each card with an activity has a place to put a date to do the activity because we are so short of time this month we need to date things otherwise we will never get to them!

The first day (yesterday) Saw the boy child draw the first card, an activity card! We are making a trip into the bush on Sunday the 12th Dec, and finding some things that say 'summer' to us. Then we will craft and create out of those things and make a Summer Seasonal Table, something I have always wanted to get into with the kids and just never found the time.

I will post again tonight with the results of today's pick and a new photo showing how the count down works...

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