December 9, 2010

Advent 18 and 17

Day 18 saw the Big Kidlet drawing yet another activity card - This time the aquatic centre visit! I have no idea where we are going to fit these activities in at all!!

Day 17 today and the boy drew another decoration for the tree which his older sister proptly took from him with encouragement of "would you like me to do it for you?" and then rearranged each decoration that had previously been put on the tree, only to put it all back after being told it was not for her to decide where everything went, she would get her turn!

Really must get onto doing this quilt project, I have cut all the pieces I need to assemble them to make sure it looks good then iron them all down on the quilt top, sew them all in place, bind it all and then somehow hand quilt it all before december 24th... Plenty of time right? hahahaha

'tis the season to be stupid.....

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