July 4, 2008

Doing things my Way

I really feel like saying alot but nothing much is coming forth.
So... Konrad's pants are pinned and awaiting sewing, then I will have another 2 pairs to make if all goes well.
There is alot of ironing to be done when making clothes, and I really do not iron, so I need to make an exception. DH needs to look after the kids while I try and get them sew up tonight I guess.
Ali is coming over on Monday, I am thrilled. I need to take her material shopping for a few things.
I might get my first fruit n veg delivery next week.... all organic :). For the first time in forever we have run out of fresh fruit before I am able to do the fortnightly shop. I am very pleased about that.
We purchased a playstation2 with singstar as our combined birthday present yesterday.... I love singstar :). I am having trouble thinking of things to type, Konrad is getting 2 new teeth coming through, Ishtar's top front tooth is so loose but she wont let anyone touch it she wants it to fall out. It is so wonky, it lots really wierd, but I am trying not to say anything to her about it. The last thing I want is for her to be worried about looks at age 6.
There is a whole stack of dishes to be done and a heap of washing but DS is sleeping on me right now bless him. Should be awake any moment wanting breast.

First HomeBirth Tasmania meet is on Saturday morning, I haven't had one person contact me for details on where it will be, as such this first one is simply being held at my house. I may end up being alone in it but if that is the case I will use the time to work out some new lines of approach to take.

Argh that will do I will sit here all day and never have anything of value to say

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