July 22, 2008

Launceston Ten

Well I did it :) 2 days ago I competed in the Launceston Ten (a 10 km fun run/walk) If you can call it competing... I planned to walk the entire distance, I would die if I tried to run it!!
So we set out at 10 am by the time we got to the start line about a minute had already passed! There where about 1900 people in the race this year. I had number 738 and I came in no where near that. Haha, My official time was 1hour 44min and 12 sec. I was so pleased I made it in under 2 hours and did better than I ever thought I would. It was great fun to be part of and I got a few pressies for doing it too. I was originally going to wear my little boy around the course but I decided to finish in the best time possible it would be better to feed him before the race and leave him with his dad. I got back with plenty of time to go before he would want to be fed but gave him one because he was so excited to has his mummy back.
He is such a dear boy.. I got a blister on the balls of both feet, so I really need to get some better shoes if I plan on doing that again. I will still be walking every wednesday morning with the same group I did the 10 with.

I bought some more scrapbooking supplies and still have not done any scrapping, although it is hard to find both time and space in this house to do it.
I have a book just for all my birth photo's of which there are currently alot of photo's for my 2nd birth and only a few for the first one. I wonder if the next (if there are any) will have as many wonderful photo's.
I have an album to turn into Konrad's baby book, this seemed like the best option for me to take this time around with Ishtar my sister bought me a lovely baby book but it is full of milestones that although need to be remebered there are other things just as important and there is no space to remember those times in her book.

I am working on getting some room around the place to start work on Summer's pajama's for her b'day which is only 5 days away... not sure I am going to make that but I have some books and a Dressing Gown as a back up plan. Then I need to move on to a pair of trousers for Ishtar and then some skirts and tops that I got some cheap 2nd hand material for.
Soo busy and soo little time to get everything done, I am also hoping to find some time very soon to start playing 9dragons again. I miss it alot.
Oh well that is it for now I am out of talk, although I am bound to think of something in the next 10 minutes.

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