July 4, 2008

The Miracle

Alone, like me, is the miracle.
I forgot, who I was; I don't know, dive deep.
Silent memories of that night,
Drifting come and go, in a river of thought...
All about the miracle.

Alone, leave, you are always in me.
Distant sun cut shadows,
Of a life we could live,
The chance smashed one of us,
Into the ground!
Now you walk with regret.

In you, the predator, I found myself...
My soul.
In me a broken reality lies.
Breath life into my heart... then go.

Wicked flowers, scream in silence.
In you, I hear them; you are the miracle!
Crown of thorns, a shower of arrows, give in.
The wall had fallen for me to find you,
But comes again, as though we never met!
In love, begins the pain of loss.

Go, like a predator among the stars.
The wise and the prey, one in the same.
Waiting for passion, love...is a game.
Without you war, begins a fire in my head.
I felt the violence.
Life, better than death?

I love your taste; remember it all.
Go, you are afraid, swallow your pride, Go.
Miracle go, make way
Fantasy is lost, new paths begin.
Slow sacrifice, yet another pain.
Weapons, bring rain and a winner.

Running away from life,
This collar brings my death
Today, we both go free,
Someday, our eyes may meet again

This was inspired by a deep depression and a various compilation of songs from my teen years.

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