July 4, 2008


The memory floods back, as you open that door again,
As much as I love this to occur,
I can't help but think, 'Will this be the same as last time?'
I want to believe everything you say,
But you've lied once before!
I can't help but think that it's all a lie again.
Lies, one of the many things you are good at,
Is this a lie?
Your kiss says, I want you,
Your touch says, I need you,
Your eyes say, I love you.

Your touch is secure, but soft.
Your kiss tender and sweet, yet somehow strong!
With you I feel safe,
As though you could carry me away
From all humanity's greed and destruction.
As long as I am with you nothing else matters.
Do i have you?
Are you mine?
You've lied once before,
Is it possible that this time it's true??

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