July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to me.... for yesterday

So, firstly, I finished Konrad's pants and made a second pair and they are soo cute, only the camera is still out of batteries so photo's are still out at the moment.
Ali and I didn't go material shopping at all, but I went yesterday and got most of the things I wanted and a Scrapbook for my birth photo's to go in. Now I just need the time and space to do it because I am feeling very scrappy at the moment. We got our fruit and Veg delivery and it will not be happening again.. it is nice to taste real flavours in food but it is just to expensive for us to buy organic all the time.
The first Homebirth Tas meet was as I expected no one showed up at all hopefully the next one will be better. Konrad has only 1 tooth come through so far the other has gone on the way side.
But he took 4 steps today without falling, He took the steps out into the middle of the room and then picked something up off the floor.

I am sending some blessingway beads to a few of the gorgeous pregnant mumma's on JB.
I get the professional photo's I had taken of my children picked up tomorrow. I am eager to see them and then think about scrapping them into some really cute pages.

I also have the print out of them all and will add those to the scrapping aswell.

Tas returns are done, I was hoping to do my doula course when I got the return but I am thinking that we really have more important things to use that money on currently so I may or may not get my course done this year.

Oh well that must be about it for now... oh My Birthday...

I made a absolutely delicious vegetarian Lasagne for my dinner, I got a lovely chest of red basket drawers from Ali while she was over but I am yet to find somewhere I can put it permanently.
Sarah bought me a face washer with my name on it and made me a gorgeous book. Emma has bought me a new bread knife which is much needed in this house. My mummy bought me a gorgeous drum... I have wanted one for ages! And made me a 3 tiered Dream catcher which is absolutely sensational. I love it, I need to put a hanger in the roof above the bed to hang it by and can't wait.

I am organising to look at our black and white wedding photo's (it has been almost 7 years) and I wnat to find an old oval frame to put a blown up one in. Like my grandma used to have.

Hrm that is it

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  1. Happy Birthday!! I love veggie lasagne! Glad to hear you had a great day :)