June 28, 2008

JB Meet


It was great to meet more jber's in Tas :)

Although I was on a bit of a high... which died very quickly when everyone left :( hehehe

DH got home about 6:30 alot later than expected but really why expect less than that when he was at his mothers.
So I am on a downer, wanting to start a creative streak I have so much I want to do right now I am not really sure where it is all coming from!
I will be borrowing my sister's sewing machine while she is living with my mum again, and my first project will be to make my little boy some trousers. Then a hat... after that, I am not sure. But when I do any of it I will post it here. I also need to make a pressie for someone. Oh I have to check the trading post too... another present.

Er that is all, it was really great to have a lovely bunch of people in my house and great to see the guys supporting their partners... mine was absent! Not that he isn't supportive but he has to do things his own way and meeting my group is not his way apparently.

anyway thanks for the lovely day

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