June 20, 2008

Launceston Ten, JB meet.

Well, I have just signed myself up to do the Launceston Ten. It is a 10km walk/run to raise money for the Tassie Devil facial tumour research. I am not sure how I will go with it being as unfit and overweight as I am, but I am pulling one for the Babywearers and taking my son on a 10km journey wrapped to my chest :) on the 20th of July.

I am having the Tassie Joyous Birth meet at my house in 8 days time and I am so excited to be doing it. I only wish my house was already clean *laughs*. I am thrilled to have some of the JBer's coming to my home and excited at the prospect of cooking some yummy food for us all :)
Having said that I am not in the least bit excited about the work I so obviously have to do around here to make my house even slightly appropriate for people to meet in it.

So a busy weekend ahead of me with cleaning, decluttering and recycling of more too small clothes of Ishtar's. Not to mention the fact that tomorrow is the winter solstice and I plan on doing something great for that too!

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