July 4, 2012

Half way there!

Well we are half way through the year!
In order to better understand what is going on I will split this post into 3 one for each kidlet.

Big Kidlet, in year 4 this year, seems to be enjoying her year, we have had a few bad days but she is mostly enjoying her time, although seems to get irritated with the amount of time she spends taking her brother to his class room in the mornings!
She had her 10th birthday last month, and is developing into a young woman at a seemingly magical rate! She is still a hard child to accommodate for, being very set in her ways and not giving an inch without making it out as the worst thing in the world!
She is still very much into technology and doesn't want much to do with anything out of doors, hopefully this summer will turn her around.

Boy Kidlet has taken to school and new found freedoms in leaps and bounds. He knows what he wants out of the experience and for now that is working to his advantage. He recently had his hair cut! He has had long hair pulled back all year, put up with teasing and reminded people continuously that they were silly because "boys can have long hair and I am a boy"! He went to school on 'Crazy Day' dressed as a girl, because he thought it was a brilliant idea to throw people off, and when pressed for ideas on what girls wear, announced that girls wear "Trousers and t-shirts and jumpers"! He went to school with a dress ups fairy dress over his regular clothes, pleased as punch! So his hair is now short, as per his request "as long as my little finger" He loves his new do! He looks much taller and more grown up, and it is still a shock to see his whole face without hair in front of it, even after 1.5 weeks.

Small Kidlet, I can't call her baby anymore! Turning 3 last month, she is a delight most of the time but is a very stubborn child with her own ideas on what and how everything should be done! It is amazing to watch her come into herself, challenging to let her test her boundaries over and over again, day after day! I struggle and then there are moments of quite contemplation where I know I wouldn't want it any other way. Teaching a 3 year old that she can't draw on a piano that someone else has drawn letters on before her is just a flaw. How is she supposed to tell the difference between a letter on a key and her own colourful scribblings?

So the circle turns... ever creeping closer to the moment every parent both longs for and dreads.... When children no longer need them.. we all hope our children will then choose to want us instead!

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  1. They sure do grow up quick! The husband and I are in continuous discussions over how long is too long for the five year old boy to have his hair!