July 31, 2012

July is Birthday month...

So we have come to the end of July, and I am sooo thankful for it!

July is birthday month in my family. There are 6 parents/sisters/brothers/nieces/husbands... then there are even more extended family.

So that aside it happened to be that hubby and I both turned 30 this month!

We celebrated by throwing a Medieval fancy dress "60th" party, in the midst of 3 weeks worth of family sicknesses! Sensible? Maybe not! A Hell lot of FUN? Definitely.

So in the week leading up to said party, when I should have had all the costumes made and ready I found myself at spotlight buying all the material needed, so I could make 4 costumes in a week! And, hell's yes, I made it...

The Hubby and I in the matching costumes I made! (not the corset or his under clothes!)

Small girl in her Dragon Get up... courtesy of yours truly AGAIN!

Big girl in her Sorcerous dress... made by.. You guessed it Moi!

And the boy, being a knight, costume supplied by the cheapo store.. he did wear a cape that I made him for a while also!

So blog with pictures as promised!


  1. The costumes are beautiful.
    Big Girl looks so like you!