July 4, 2012

winter solitude

Into the depths of winter here, in terms of the cold at any rate! With the solstice passing us by last month and a small ritual to commit to leaving some attributes behind with the darkness and some new ones coming forth into the ever increasing light.

The business has taken a new course, I am stalling the changes a little because I am unsure as to how I want to step forward.

I have been looking into starting a 'real job' it is a while off. Hinging on a lot of outside factors, but there is a place I want to work, for stability, locality and monetary reasons! I am focusing my energies heavily on that pathway and I will not sway from that in my intentions but rather add to it.

So my little business will become more of a hobby, the intention being to share what I can do with the world around me and beyond.
I will create when I feel the pull towards creation and I will pull back from that as the need arises.

I have plans to start new projects and new lines of 'stock'!
I am in no rush to produce any of those, I will accept that when the time is right the opportunity will present itself to me.

I travel my web of life as it's string passes by many others sometimes connecting and other times traveling the same direction but never meeting. I trust that the things I need will forever be in my reach and at the right time the strings will connect.

May the circle of life keep turning.

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