August 31, 2011

Things are coming together!

So I have 50kg of stones to sell, and they are ohhh sooo gorgeous... I have spent quite a few minutes sitting, sifting through the buckets... (hours)

I have 21(2?) necklace pouches sewn, ready for the drawstring necklace.

I have 33(4?) Drawstring bags sewn, ready for the drawstrings.

I have 8 Dream pillow fronts drawn, waiting for the backing, stuffing and finishing.

I have 4 wands, ready for attaching crystals and decorating then finishing and another 4 waiting to be sanded back before the same happens to them!

What is next?

That is it for now, I am not sure it is enough...

I need to work out what amount of change I need to take to markets, as a first time I am not sure exactly what to do!

If anyone has any ideas on products and or the change I should take with me, please let me know...


  1. Hello, you don't have your email enabled so I couldn't reply. If you would like information about the Living Better With Less classes please email me at twelthnight at hotmail dot com so I can send you some info. Cheers, Tanya

  2. Oh, Thanks Tanya! I will try and work out how to enable that email! I have it organised and will be seeing you Sunday :)