August 24, 2011

So it continues...

As with the last post, 3 weeks on from then we have just pulled out of another full week of sickness.

Big Kidlet spent last week (all week) sick at her grandmothers, away from her brother and sister, and Hubby spent all week (aside from monday) at home sick... what a joy filled week we had.

The 2 young kidlets both have snot, and lots of it, but are free from other sickness symptoms so far thankfully.

I spent a week at home last week looking after, albeit not spectacularly, my sickie hubby and 2 smalls.

Feeling better on Sunday we ventured out to the Exeter Market, and then on to watch hubby play hockey. It was one of the early games so we had the fortunate opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather before the cold set in rather than the cold the later games would involve braving!

Always getting closer is the start of spring, the end of a decade worth of marriage ups and downs, the beginning of another decade of marriage, hopefully filled with more ups than the last decades worth. The first of September sees us begin our 11th year of marriage... and to celebrate Hubby is taking the day off work, my sister is looking after the 2 small kidlets, and we are heading off to a part of Tassie we have never been too to soak up nature, then head somewhere for dinner, before collecting the kidlets and heading back home.

The on the 7th we celebrate Boy Kidlet's 4th birthday, amongst other things, September is another big month for us, we have our anniversary, Mother in Law's birthday, Father's Day, Father in Law's birthday, Boy Kidlets birthday, My sister's birthday, my nephew's birthday, then a few other friends and family members have birthday's too!!

Come the 16th of September, I am heading down the coast for the Australian Wiccan Conference, a weekend all to myself, surrounded by like minds in a glorious bush location... I can't wait.

Bring on Spring, where the warriors of these parts clash with the chaos and hope that everything turns into something wonderful....

Things on the business front are moving along... check out here for that update :)

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