August 1, 2011


yup that title is about how I feel at the moment.

Big Kidlet has been sick on and off for 2 months, finally after being sick of her missing 2 days of school every week, we went to the GP... now I am not one to go to the GP often, and when my kidlets get sick they always display the same set of symptoms, it doesn't matter if they have a common cold virus or a bacterial infection, it is always the same set of horridly predictable symptoms. Part of the horrid-ness is probably the predictability of it all really!
So we are off to the GP who diagnoses a severe bacterial throat infection.. yeah tonsilitis! So a course of antibiotics was called for and then she was on the mend, went to school, thursday and friday! Went to my sister's for dinner saturday night.

Then it started... Sunday morning was fine, til I started to feel odd, then I sat down and did some sewing because well it sat me down and still wasn't a complete waste... the longer the day went on the worse I was feeling, dizzy, lethargic, just plain bloody awful. Hubby got told he had to stay home from hockey, I just couldn't do that parenting thing on my own feeling like this...
Monday I felt pretty shit still, boy kidlet had a spewing day, Big Kidlet went to school, little kidlet was fine all day, tuesday seemed to be a better day, everyone was pretty good, wednesday was the same, thursday followed... Friday was a day of crap, literally... Big kidlet and I where both down with Gastro... YAY for gastro... followed by Saturday, when the nose started running and the cough began... leading to sunday where I spent all day on the couch, blowing my nose sneezing and coughing... I did however manage to cook dinner, because no matter how sick you are dinner has to be done and we all understand that everyone gets to a point where they just don't want to cook 'tonight', which is where Hubby had gotten after a few days looking after me! He missed work on friday, but I was capable of child rearing albeit from the couch and sneezing so Hockey was a goer on sunday too!
So now we are at monday, I am still sneezing and blocked up and I am coughing probably more... Yay for weeks worth of shit...

A festival day where I really just don't even want to light a candle... let alone do anything worth doing...

I don't want to cook dinner tonight but that probably means getting something that isn't really good for the sickness that has enveloped me or our household!

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