August 24, 2011

The incense cone holders... and other info

Well, yesterday I spent the afternoon getting busy with it and making final touches to my ceramic incense cone holders...

Basically take a hunk of clay, roll it flat, cut out shapes, stamp in pattern/symbol, clean them up then let them dry and cook them, at a really high temperature 1100 degrees celcius (? I reserve the right to have that wrong...)

These are them, after a bisque firing...

Add some colour to highlight the symbol...

add some glaze so when they come out of the next firing they are nice and shiny and easy to clean (hopefully, a lot can go wrong with this sort of thing)

I will add some more photo's when they are fired for the second time.

After working hard and visiting with my mum (it is her studio space we used) I headed home, to find a parcel awaiting me, thanks for collecting it Hubby!, my new business cards, postcards, and stamp....

Things are well on the way :)

I have another few deliveries expected, one of them is 50kg of mixed tumbled stones that will make their rounds of some of Tasmania's central northern markets in the coming months, with the Hubby and I as their 'keepers' hoping to find them some new homes!


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