June 9, 2011

Inspired Life

Well maybe that is a bit exaggerated?

Thursday last week was my youngest kidlet's 2nd birthday, time goes so fast. It marks the 2 year mark of our breastfeeding journey and the longest breastfeeding relationship I have shared with any of my children.

We had a combined family celebration on the Sunday for her and her Sister who turned 9 yesterday. Great company, delicious jacket potatoes and a Castle birthday cake made of ice cream... photo soon...

So on the kidlet's 9th birthday, daddy, mummy and her went out to lunch without any of the other siblings, we had planned a lovely cafe lunch with a hot chocolate, but the cafe was booked out so a hot chocolate from Gloria Jeans and a meal at McDonalds, was what we ended up with and she enjoyed immensely.
Then to the supermarket and we bought some prawns on special, her Favourite, and had a prawn cocktail before a roast chicken dinner and chocolate pudding at Dad's place for tea.

So inspiration hit me while shelling a kilo of prawns, I bought the shells home and made a delicious seafood stock, while cooking a beef stew for dinner tonight. Tomorrow I will turn some of it into a seafood risotto to serve under my lovely flathead fillet.
A night off from the children and a busy day saturday trying to get some sewing done, then Sunday we have a birthday party to go to and more cooking to do...

Dessert for monday night's dinner that I am cooking to share with hubby, another night together to talk and get to know each other a bit better, child free.

Starters - salt and pepper squid with tartare sauce.
followed by roasted pork belly with potatoes, green beans and gravy
finished up by dessert of Butterscotch cheesecake with vanilla ice cream.

I am making everything from scratch, lets hope it all works out great.

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