May 30, 2011

Crafty Business

The urge to craft has hit and hit hard but the time I need to organise and devote to such crafting tasks is just not becoming available to me.

Although it will by friday when I drop the kids off at their grandmother's house to spend the night and all day Saturday with their dad, so I will get about half of Friday and all day saturday to myself, the question now then, is, how will I get all the prep work done between now and friday so I actually finish at least 1 of the inspirational crafting projects I want to take on?

And should I take on something I can start and finish in a day or an hour or 2, or should I be practical and finish off the curtains that have been waiting for my attention for a while now. I can't hang them yet, I need the curtain rods first. and I cant hem them until I have the rods to hang them so i get the right length. I can however sew on the curtain tape and put in the rings so they are ready when we have the rods in place.

I have a list of 4 people to make pants for (including myself), I have a bunch of baby items to tyedye, I have a Quilt to make a skirt to adjust to fit my 9yo (ok 9 in a week and 2 days), I have a bunch of old clothes and bits and pieces to reconstruct into various things given the time, space and inclination, maybe it is time to move some stuff on?
I have a blessingway bunting to finish so I can list it for sale.

I had an inspired moment to create a soft toy Chess set for my children, a quilted base, and stuffed toy pieces, so that is another thing to add to my ever growing list of crafting adventures. Maybe that would play out best as a Christmas gift?

I have birthday mania this weekend, and really a little this week with my babies 2nd birthday on Thursday and my (then) 9yo's birthday the following wednesday, we are doing a combined family celebration effort on Sunday for both afternoon tea and tea, it should be quite fun I am sure!
School term ends on friday and I then have 2 weeks with my big girl home.
I am going to try and loose my grip on control of her and let her free in the kitchen to create and learn about jobs that just need to be done, similarly, she had a go at hanging out the washing and it didn't turn out too badly, I will show her a few pointers on how to use less pegs and hang things out straight, but she did well given it was really her first attempt.
Maybe the results of those will make my Journey to Learning blog awaken, I guess I can add all my uni experiences to that blog too can't I?

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