May 19, 2011

Life moves along...

No matter what you feel, think or want.

Life always moves on and drags you with it, you have a choice to make that movement work with you or against you, and if it comes to a deadline you have to meet, things will get tough and it will be hard to manage and at times you will fail, but nothing has stopped around you so the moment you sit and stop to 'give up' you are wasting a moment in time that you could be using to reach that goal.

Now having said that, if you don't sit down and take stock of everything now and again, it can feel like you should just give up!

In reference to my last post;

There is a lot there that I will never achieve to an end point, I think I have found my way, it is however always going to be lost again at random times through my life, and that is ok.
Inspiration comes and goes, and the inspiration you find might not be the inspiration that you sort out to find. I have found inspiration to enrich the relationship I had with my husband, that part of the relationship that we lost, it is a long process and there is no rushing back to where we were, because that brings added stresses and pressures that we need to adjust to slowly. I think a lot of the problem was that with all the changes we made in our lives our relationship never fully adjusted to those changes and that caused us to stress and turn out thoughts inwards and forget the bigger picture, that is us and our lives together and as a family.
So inspiration has been found but in a different direction to the inspiration I was hoping to find.
Dreams, what is a dream? If you realise one dream and make it come about, you add another dream to the list and you will find an ever increasing list of dreams both old and new, accomplished and yet to accomplish.
Wants, a bit more specific than dreams but much the same principle.
I have taken a rather large step forward in my want and dream to have something that I am that isn't "mum, wife, housekeeper"
I am going to enrol in the bridging courses I need to start my Uni degree (hopefully next year). This is something that I have moved to do at least twice before, this time I will be doing it, there is no more "life is too hard right now"...
I have seen the struggles of some friends moving through this and if my life is too hard to move on with something so important to me then their lives must be worse than hell.
It is inspiring to see other people taking on and accomplishing so much, yes it is hard and hellish at times, but you can move through it and make it work or you can throw it aside and never know if you could have done it!

Being the best parent you can, changes on a day to day basis, you work through the bad and try and calm the angry, and enjoy the great times. There will always be days where you just can't seem to manage and that is ok too :)
I am strong, I can do this, I am going to do this, and I will do, and be, the best I can.

This is my time to rise up and be ME, to do MY thing, and that doesn't mean I don't care about my children and it doesn't mean I am more important than my children, it means we are equal and that we all deserve to have what we want and need.
I can't give my children what they want or need if I am not giving myself a little of the same.

Nurture the parent to nurture the child.

My life is looking good, I feel good, I have plans, I am no longer lost in the mess, I may still be struggling to clean it all up, but I can see the end, and it looks GREAT!

I went shopping the other day and treated myself, I have a new cocktail dress for an engagement party, I have a new dress and a cardi to wear out tomorrow night, I have shoes to match. I am going on a date with my husband. I am excited and nervous, we may have been married almost 10 years but we have never really done this (save anniversary night) Other than my leavers dinner and wedding day, I have never bought clothes for a specific purpose!
I have always hated shopping, and I loved my shopping day this week, having a shopping assistant who is experienced probably helped :)

Life feels GOOD! :)


  1. go for it my Katie , I knew you would find your way given the space to do it. Enjoy your night out .and always remember we love you.

  2. Go you! Your courage, perseverance, creativity and attitude are an inspiration. And I absolutely agree about giving yourself something so that you can have something to give to the kids.

  3. Brilliant post - you have so got it figured :)

    Good luck with bridging courses and uni enrolments - its a hard step starting but the path does smooth further into the rythem you get.