May 25, 2011


Sickness lurks in my house again, luckily (although I don't know who for, me I guess) I am the only person who is sick. The kidlets were sick over the easter break and again the week following. I managed to keep it at bay for a few weeks and held it together while the kids were falling apart, vomiting and making the washing pile that I could finally see the bottom of, grow to infinite proportions! Just as I get on top of that pile and a new one has started up, I fall prey to illness and I really just can't be arsed doing anything, so the washing is actually getting done because, well, damn it, we need clothes to wear.

My kitchen that my husband has almost managed to make spotless, on the few occasions he has been here to see the kids and I, is completely covered in dishes again, and when he gets here this afternoon (he is staying tonight, in the hope that the extra sleep tomorrow morning will mean a faster recovery) he will be greeted with a mass of dishes in the kitchen that he almost had spotless!

There is no wood in, and it is too damned cold out there for me to want to go get some, so the first thing Hubby will do is go fill the barrow and trolley with wood and bring them to the house. I have enough wood to last until he gets here provided the fire stays shut down most of the day.

I have birthday's coming up in the next few weeks, kidlets x2, SIL, a few friends, friends children, then in July... Dad, BIL, Hubby, Mine, Sister, Niece, and a few friends too!!
The next few months are busy as hey!
I have a crafting bug that desperately wants to be let loose and some of the up coming birthday's give me the perfect opportunity to do that, but being so damn busy means finding the time to actually do the crafting really hard.

Well lets just see how the next few weeks/months work out for the busiest time of the year aside from christmas!

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  1. nothing like a deadline to get craftie projects finished !

    Glad to hear the bug has left your house.