June 22, 2011


So I thought I might make myself a list, or even 6 of them... lol

Daily Tasks:-

- Washing
- Dishes
- Feed animals
- Collect eggs (yes the hens have started laying again)
- Bring in wood
- Cooking: at least dinner.. sometimes lunch
- Food Preparation: breakfast, lunch, dinner
- General clean up.

Twice weekly/weekly (as needed) Tasks:-

- Vacuum
- Sweep
- Make Bread
- Baking: snacks and lunchbox items.
- Water animals

Other stuff that needs doing at some point:-

- Sewing: curtains, clothes, repairs...
- Organising: Toy room, Study, Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen... ok so the whole house!
- Gardening: Vegie garden, flower beds, orchard.
- Fencing: Backyard, internal paddocks, boundary fences.
- Animal Housing: Dog Pen, Chicken Coop
- House Repairs
- Water situation sorted...

Stuff needed for completing the 'at some point' list:-

- Time? not realistic to put this on a list is it?
- Money... again not so realistic but it is needed no less, to buy plants and materials for various things.

- Fruit trees
- Fencing: wire, posts, tools...
- Chicken Coop: structural timber, wall planks, nesting box materials, straw, nails/screws etc
- Wardrobe/s
- Kitchen Cupboards
- Vegetable seeds/seedlings
- Water Tank
- Roofing
- Insulation

Tradie Jobs:-

- Rewiring
- Fixing footings
- Plumbing

Hey if that isn't enough to start with nothing it right?

So much to do, so little time to spend doing it and even less money to spend doing it ;)
Good thing I don't dwell on it all too much or I could spend the rest of my life crying in my bedroom and never get anywhere!

A tattslotto win wouldn't go astray in these parts, but as it is time and patience and a fair amount of saving might just see these things done in my life time!

1 comment:

  1. hey take a number - next Tatts is mine !
    Well I wish anyway.
    Exemplary list - I do like a good list - yours are sterling.
    Lists are a brilliant idea, nothing like putting a dirty big X through them.
    Saw fruit trees for sale for $16 each at Moriarty yesterday.