June 14, 2013

Single Parenting 101...

I don't presume to have any of this worked out after all I am a married woman who, thankfully, doesn't have to single parent 24/7, or even 24/6 or 5, 4, 3... you get the picture!

My husband leaves home between 7.30 and 8am, and gets home between 5 and 5.30 most week nights and doesn't work on the weekends.

What right do I have at claiming any knowledge of single parenting?

Well last night my hubby was at a friends house, he left the house at a regular time before I was out of bed, as I have sick children who didn't attend school...  he is expected home... well he isn't.  He will get here when he gets here.
Before the kids go to bed? after? Who knows but going by experience it will be after I am in bed also.

To get on the track of my daily journey...

1.  Do get up and make breakfast INSTANTLY the moment your child asks... dire meltdowns are likely to ensue if you do not!

2.  Do not single parent while suffering menstrual cramps and depressive downers... it will only make you feel worse!

3.  Do spend all day laying on the couch and encouraging your child/ren to play computers/TV's/Playstations/Tablets... in the hopes they leave you in peace and quiet for 2 minutes!

4.  Don't get any quiet because they constantly fight even though there are plenty of those items to go around!

5.  Do feed and water said children regularly

6.  Don't feed them the only food you have in the house... it is bound to be WRONG and tantrums be encountered!

7.  Do search the entire house for the only cup the 4yo will drink out of.

8.  Don't tell her to find it, it only causes tantrums even though she was the last one to use it and the only one to have any inkling as to where it might be now!

9.  Do be absolutely filled with gratitude when hubby gets home much earlier than expected and takes charge of the bedtime routine.

10. Don't get so absorbed in watching TV shows until way later than you should have gone to bed... when you get up the next morning you start to re-live the entire mess!

I am envious of the people out there who do this alone.
Envious of your strength, courage, conviction and perseverance.

Certainly not envious of the job you do day in and out, as I realise all to well just how easily I have it compared to others!

Do you have a Single Parenting 101 tip?

Please add to my list. 
10 does not equal 101... and adding a second party to number 9 sort of cancels out the single parenting factor!

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