June 28, 2013

Off Topic? - Not this time!

I seem to say so much in a blog post that by the end of it there are soooo many different topics going on that I am not even sure what the post was supposed to be about!

Do you ever have that?

This week I am sticking to topic, and the topic is... #MyBlackmores!

It's been a week since the token almost nude 'Before' shot... and I promised I would up date with results, well I didn't update THAT post with results... But I did weigh and measure in on Monday, after a week on the program and I had lost 1.2kg and about 20cm's... Now I say Had because on Monday that was my loss... it may be less, but is hopefully more, by now!

20cm's is an 'about' simply because at the time of initial measurements I had to under take the 'string and ruler' technique and on Monday I found my sewing tape to measure off properly, so I am allowing for variation due to mis-measuring the first time!

I am THRILLED with my result, even more thrilled at the fact that I did a 20 minute interval work out on the treadmill the other day, between walking (5km/h) and jogging (7km/h) I covered 1.83km's in that 20 minutes and it was only in the last minute of running that my ankle started to ache and hurt a little! Huge improvement and HUGE deal for me regarding ability to exercise, gain fitness and lose weight!

I have booked myself in to a 'walk date' this weekend and I will be walking between 6 and 13 km's depending how we all pull up at the half way point!

So back to my experience on the program.

I find having a Menu Plan, Exercise Plan and Diary really helpful.  Although, I haven't actually used any of the recipes yet, a bunch of people in the #opmovesomekilos group have and claim they are somewhat delicious.  I have found it a helpful way to establish a base for portion control.  Such as eating a 150g NOT 300g of Steak for dinner!
It has given me some idea on different varieties of foods to consider, especially when it comes to breakfasts and lunches, which I always struggle to spend a little time preparing because I don't want to think about it!
The exercise plan I have sign on for gives me 3 rest days a week, I expect that I will add exercise to those days as I get further on but for the moment I am happy.  It gives me some variety and a combination of strength, toning and cardio workouts.
The diary is by far the best part.  You record what you eat and the exercise you do and it gives you a breakdown of calories and even a breakdown of key minerals and vitamins so you can see at a glance where you can improve on your diet and exercise. 

I do have some issues, as the type of person who cooks with a 'in the fridge? Use it' motto, I don't tend to follow recipes a lot, which means inputting all of my meals by individual ingredients, and while that is possible and you can save 'combo's' for ease of adding them (eg. the way you take your coffee/tea) When you cook like I do, you never have 2 meals that are remotely similar in the makeup.  So I am forever changing ingredients from one thing to another and I don't want to have to weigh 8 different ingredients before I start cooking a meal just so I know I am not going too far over my intake... In addition to that, When I do weigh it all up and add it, it is recorded as 1 serve, with no option to change the food you input to a dinner for 4 or 6 or a recipe for muesli bars into 24 individual bars.  Which means working out how much you ate ie. 0.04 of the recipe (muesli bars) as your actual intake, rather than just 1 serve... (I do hope that makes sense)
So there is a whole lot of math in there that I just can't don't want, to do!

I have been doing it to date, because well... I need to keep up with it until I am confident in my ability to not 'over serve' myself.
I have been under or on target for Calorie intake on all but 1 of my days so far, and I am not feeling hungry or like I am missing out, I have cut back from 2 sugars in my hot drinks to 1/2 a sugar because I have a better diet I can taste the minimal sugar in my drinks and I find it sickeningly sweet to eat even a small amount of chocolate now. 
With July coming up FAST, I am even more aware because it happens to be the families big 'birthday' month with 6 birthdays in my close family this month, I can see I am going to need to pick up on the exercise pace to cover all those birthday cakes and desserts!

If you have any great dessert recipes that are low sugar/carbs please share!
I would love to add some desserts into my menu!

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