June 21, 2013

As promised... here I am, in my undies!

So on Monday I officially started doing the My Blackmores Program, along with a bunch of other gorgeous women from OperationMOVE, which I have been really slack with this year!

You can check out who is taking part and all the relevant social media info for them over at Kate Says Stuff. It is with HUGE thanks to Blackmores and Kate, for giving me a free 3 month membership.  They offer you a free 14 day trial if you are interested, or you can try you hand at WINNING a full 3 month membership over at The Shake thanks to Kate and Blackmores again!

As per my promise on various social media on Monday, I am here to share my token 'before' photo... in my underwear!  Look away now if you are about to eat or drink ANYTHING! Bahaha

Weighing in at 103.8kg (sorry about the cracked mirror)

I weigh in on Mondays and will update here with my new weight then, hopefully I will see some pretty awesome changes over the next 12 weeks!

I am currently doing the Weightloss program with an intermediate walk and tone exercise combination. 

What it has shown me so far is that if I eat regular healthy meals, I don't feel hungry and I eat better.  I don't snack on junk because I am more aware and I never leave it until I am REALLY hungry and just grab that sugar packed snack because it is easy!

The exercise program requires little or no equipment and I can do most things in my home, or around it!  I do have a treadmill and though my program tells me to walk outside as a SAHM to a 4 year old 5 days a week, it is hard to get a brisk 30 minute walk in at all let alone outside!  Also my Ankle injury is still healing and walking on uneven bush surfaces will not work well with it!

So far I am happy, the program has made me more aware of what, when and how I eat.
And although I knew I wasn't eating well before, this has given me the kick I needed to really focus on getting on track.  My overall goal is to be a healthier version of myself.  I will be losing weight as part of that journey because I have some health issues that can be *helped* by losing weight (PCOS)
I will also be gaining fitness, and increasing my energy and motivation. 
I have an ideal goal weight of around 70kg's, however, if I make it to 75/80/85 and feel happy with where I am I will try and maintain what feels right for me. 
Given that I was around 80kg and a size 12-14 when I left high school almost 15 years ago, as a relatively healthy teenager.  I think I might be happy with that!

Feel free to comment with any words of support :p

I understand that my before photo probably isn't what a lot of people will find attractive, but you need to know I love who I am, I am not ashamed of it and I am proud of what this body has achieved for me to this point in my life! 
On to *smaller*? and better things...

Love, Laughter and Happiness

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