February 15, 2013

Thank Fuck it's Friday

You know I Swear, and a lot of the time, I swear a lot!

I have been criticised and reprimanded for it by many people over time.
Has it changed me?  Not, at all, so much.
What has that to do with this blog post?  Well nothing except it shows that using 'fuck' in the title isn't all that odd of me! 

I missed the blog date with Leigh over at Six by the bay, yesterday for Thankful Thursday! But in spite of my laziness you can still go check it out. (and I will be thankful at the end of this post, because everyday is something to be thankful for right?)

*Cue Screaming 3.5yo who gets into my head and has made me lose all train of thought!*

- Thankful that it is Friday... and this means the weekend, and Sunday is Me time at a Goddess Workshop. YAY!

- Thankful to my Hubby who will take charge of dinner tonight, because I have been useless at it all year week.

- Thankful for the electronic devices that with luck keep the 3.5yo entertained for hours minutes and give me a chance to blog do nothing.

and 3 is it for today because well Meh!

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