March 21, 2013

If I manage 12 posts this year it will be a miracle!

You know the one where you have been sooo busy, but have really done nothing?

Yup that one!

Maybe it is just that I haven't been able to come up with anything to blog about, in what? Over a month!!!

So lets try...
The one where you know it is going to rain, you know your roof is a bit of a sieve, and you still manage to not get to all the leaky bits BEFORE they leak...

How about...
The one where you totes know how fricken awesome you are, but the world just isn't turning on your terms!

The one where you are part of this fantastic bloggy fitness connection #operationMOVE, and you sprain your ankle playing your first game of Netball in FOREVER and can't walk for 3 weeks!

That one where you realise you said YES to doing something wonderful and awesome and magnificent for your equally, awesome and magnificent SIL, and less than 2 weeks before it is needed it still isn't finished?

and don't forget...
The one where you KNOW it is going to rain, you are completely out of clean clothes and you still work on that SIL thing and don't get any washing done on what promises to be the last nice clothes drying day for about a week... yes, YES... That was yesterday!

But then there is...
The one where your heating is by wood heater and you have no firewood to speak of and you really just keep putting off making the phone call to BUY it because there is 15 ACRES of bush out there god damn it!

It is THANKFUL THURSDAY over at Six by the Bay so I am playing linky,
and I am thankful for the cool, wet change we are experiencing, because we need it and I am over the Summer Heat, yes even in TASMANIA!!!  :D


  1. You guys got hammered by the heat this year. Enjoy the cool change!! We are having one last burst of heat although the nights and early mornings are noticably cooler. Clean clothes are so overrated!!

    1. Clean clothes are overrated until you have to go somewhere that warrants them! lol

  2. I know the "not having a thing to blog about"feeling! I haven't blogged for a month and then out popped two posts! Just wait and they'll creep up on you!

    1. I always hope for creeping posts, they just don't seem to happen! Maybe I should just post more about things that seem to be unimportant! lol

  3. We have just expereince a few cool days over in the west and just loving it - I am a winter person.

    1. Love the short, chill, winter days. I just wish the clock would relay the same spirit. Less work and more rest through winter!

  4. Im so hoping for a serious downpour soon!! The summer has been nice but long! You know what, Im actually trying to live more and blog less. It does take over!!!! Thanks for linking up xxx

    1. It gets a bit muddled and confused, I think my issue is I am not living more and blogging less, I am just blogging less! lol Maybe if I live more I will in turn have more to blog about? <3