February 12, 2013

The way life goes! - Give Thanks

I have been meaning to post for a while, and as much as I have lots in my head to get out, I just can't sit and type it out, or if I do it comes out sounding completely ridiculous!

'Out of touch', it is what I have been feeling for a long time now... since long before Christmas.

I have identified with many, many blog posts on depression and anxiety over the last months.

 - Feeling sorry for myself.
 - Feeling guilt, about not doing All.The.Things
 - Feeling anxious, about making simple phonecalls

I have identified with a lot of things others have said, fallen into the 'at risk' zones of all the questionaires at random websites!

I have talked to the people who need to know.

I am not ok at the moment, and there is possibly nothing any one can do to help me be ok.
And that is fine with me...

I have researched, I am working on it.

The cycle will continue to move forward and I with it.

The process will be long, and at times I will be dragged forward rather than pushing through.  That is ok.
I am not willing to seek medication yet.
I am making small changes and bigger changes, exercise, practicing Gratitude and I think a diet overhaul are all things I need to approach.  If that doesn't all help I may consider a GP visit.

So, in the spirit of starting something new... 5 things I am Thankful for...

 - My 3 delightful Children, who inspire, challenge and delight me, although they demolish my boundaries and trample my spirit at times, they fill my heart with joy (at least once a day).

 - My Husband, we have had moments, both small and large.  I love him more than words, and although at times I am not always 'in love' with him, that only allows moments for me to fall for him all over again!

 - My Home, a rundown, in desperate need of repair, country house.  It is leaky, but solid, it holds and protects my family and belongings, on a quiet, remote piece of Tasmania.  Providing solitude and comfort.

 - The Internets, through all it's insanely ridiculous content, I have found support, encouragement and dare I say friendship?  I may not have met people in real life, they may not even know who I am or that I blog, but there is a sense of connection and commitment that brings me joy.

 - Family, they are there when needed, but do not interfere, they listen, they accept, even when they don't 'get it'.  They provide me with challenges, and believe in my ability, when sometimes even I have doubts.

Are you feeling Thankful today? Do you need support, encouragement, a hug? *internet hugs gladly given*

Linking up because it's Tuesday and I blogged!


  1. It is so good to look at the positives :) Keep smiling!

  2. Its SO important to focus on the positives!!!!!! I run Thankful Thursday each week on my blog! It would be great to see you there. xx Keep up the gratitude x

    1. It is very important, I may see you over there this week me thinks!
      Thank you Leigh.

  3. These are all incredible things to be thankful for
    You forgot to add: thankful for me and my words
    The way you articulated your feelings, your journey, your space here in this post is something to be truly grateful for
    Hope that the road ahead leads to health and healing
    Josefa from #teamIBOT

    1. Thank you :) I am highly aware that I struggle to articulate most of the time, so this means the world to me xoxoxo

  4. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely. This old world can be a tough place at times but it sounds like you have a great attitude about it all.

  5. Big hugs to you ... this is a battle I have faced more than once ...

    1. Thank you, Janet. *Hugs back* It can be such a struggle. xoxo

  6. Katie I really hope things start to improve for you soon. I don't want to say for for fear of it sounding trite xx

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  8. I hope that you do find the help that you need. I can imagine how you feel as I am having my own anxiety issues at the moment. It's so good that you have positives to focus on. When things got really bad for me I started a gratitude journal and have found that makes me look, at least once a day when I am filling it in, at what good has happened.
    Have the best day !
    #IBOT visitor

  9. A friend of mine with PND said one of her coping tools was just to think of something to be thankful for everyday. Even if it was something silly like 'I'm thankful I have legs!' It really does make such a difference to the way you live life. xx