April 5, 2012


I have been finding it hard to blog of late.. well at all really! Things I want to write I don't because of what other people will think or feel. I read other blogs and really just wish that I could be like that and write like that and put it all out there. There is so much to say and so much to do, so much to find and use and create. Today is a crap day! I feel deflated and depleted and I just want it to be tomorrow already, but not because things need to be done before tomorrow, that I just can't be bothered doing. Hubby has been doing ALL of the washing for the last 2 weeks or so because I have been creating and crafting for gifts in any moment that I am not spending playing games and lurking on facebook. I want to sit in the corner in a ball and just have time stop for 2 hours while I do nothing in silence, I don't want my children in the other room, the fighting and screaming and constant battle over computer and playstation are doing my head in... It was a gorgeous day today, I am in my pj's having gone nowhere and done, well nothing. My children are also still in pj's and have done nothing more than I have, they have not been outside at all today. If I take away any thing with a power connection they lose the plot completely, and I end up with children melting down which doesn't help anyone really! Fear of being ridiculed over the contents of a blog that I own, doesn't show that I OWN ME... I am an adult, my own opinions and observations do not weigh on anyone but me... It is time to step up and out, no longer will I decide what to write based on what others may or may not feel about it.


  1. hey there my darling daughter you can and should write whatever you feel , get it out of your head and as you say put it out there and bugger what anyone may thnk....
    and i guess you should also be prepared for and except any comments that may come along as individuals opinions and we are all entitled to those even if we don't agree with em .
    so grab that bloody tent we gave you and come camping with or without Kurt (mick and craig wont be there) and we can just vege out breath that fresh salt air and let the kids and adults go crazy without the bloody computer and actually enjoy some quality time as only us girls can...:)
    come on just do it

  2. I better get off MY but and do the dishes and pack some stuff going tommorrow and coming back Tuesday btw :)

  3. The best thing you can do is to be you, share YOU! That is what readers will love the most, so it's a win/win