March 1, 2012

The things we do...

Well blogging from the phone seems like a good idea, until you realise there isnt really much you want to say most of the time...

So tonight I am blogging on my phone from my bed (in my pajamas) the other half plays hockey on Thursday nights and as it happened the stuffed the roster this week so his game was at 8 not 7 which means he has been gone since 8 this morning and won't return until at least 10.

So in spectacular single mum style I got all the children fed changed at in bed by designated sleep time in our house (8.30pm).  Normally after that I would love to have a cuppa and just chill for a bit, but in bed doesn't mean asleep for the toddler, so to keep her in bed until she drifts into dream land, I lay in my bed next to hers, until she sleeps... which for the most part leaves me chilled enough for sleep too.

Although laying awake and then having rather vivid dreams has been keeping me in a less than restful sleep state for a few weeks now!

About that energy shift everyone is keen to talk about?

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