December 7, 2011


Wow, it has been a long time since I updated this blog, huh?

Th big girl has thoroughly enjoyed her school year, although she has had far too much sickness, and currently resides on the couch missing an excursion due to another bout of 'something'.

The boy is going strong, getting very sure of himself and all those things you just don't want him to do that he is SURE he has too.

The little girl, ahh, yes, not a baby any longer! She is just about as stubborn and sure of herself as her brother, which can lead to tension for at least 2 hours every day!

But lets take today's opportunity to explore the 'Toilet Training' dilemma...

The big Child was never really a hard sell for toileting, it seemed just something that happened! Or maybe I was a different sort of mother back then and I took a different tactic with it?
My son is 4 years and 3 months old today. He is certainly capable of toileting, he will take himself to the toilet throughout the day to urinate. He has reminders at times but he generally doesn't go when we 'remind' him. He takes himself when he is ready. Bowel movements are a whole other matter! He doesn't *WANT* to use the toilet. He requests a nappy to be put back on him as soon as one is taken off! Whether he has already had a bowel movement or not he always wants a nappy!
I have just taken it on the chin and dutifully followed his lead for the most part. We went out yesterday for most of the day, he didn't have a nappy all day. The only accident he had was later that night! I have learned a few things from this, firstly accidents happen, especially when teaching children to toilet! Secondly, my son is capable, really the challenge lies in getting him to WANT to toilet! Thirdly and possibly most importantly, my son doesn't drink enough, or rather I don't provide enough for him to drink. I am guilty of not drinking enough myself and leading into summer here, I really need to find a way to remedy that and provide my children with the best care I can!

In the new year I will try and be a bit more regular over here, learning is happening every day here and if I can't get enough for at least a small blog post monthly then I need to learn to see things more clearly.

December is a month for holidays, celebrating the oncoming summer and family time we get to share. Advent calendar's are currently a source of teaching the boy kidlet about numbers, he has to find the number correctly before opening the window.

There is making going on in the lead up to Christmas, things for the kidlets to help with and things that they can not. They have made some salt dough decorations and painted them and put them on the tree, and at some point we will do some cooking, make crackers, christmas wrap and other things.

We all hope that every one out there has the best possible holiday (whatever they do or believe) We will be setting up a seasonal table over the next week, and do a small simple ritual to celebrate the summer solstice on the 23rd.

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