November 25, 2011

Round the Traps

On all things homesteadish...

We have planted 2 black currants and 10 raspberry canes in the designated "orchard" area. The compact Stella cherry tree we planted 2 years back has a small mass of fruit and will need to be netted.

There is a small patch of potatoes in and growing strongly, the strawberries are growing although with a low possibility of fruit this year at least!

The carrots are taking a lot longer to mature than they are supposed to of, but different conditions and ours certainly have not been 'optimal'! Heaps of lettuce seedlings with no where to plant them as yet!

There are 11 eggs under a broody hen, they have been there for 2 weeks tomorrow and need another week before (hopefully) hatching at least 1 or 2 chickens. I am not sure how that will go at this stage it is just a wait and see game really.
I am still unsure but we may also have another hen going broody, I can't keep up with them it seems! She will have to be content with us taking the eggs away daily I think!!
We are getting 4 eggs pretty much every day.

On other things, well lets just stick to what I know about which currently doesn't feel like a lot.

White Ribbon day today and while I fully support the sentiment I think there are a few other things that need to come to the forefront too.
The culture that the media portray against women, isn't doing us any favours!
We are sexualised from birth, with clothes and imagery. Told that no matter what shape and size we are it is not good enough, and when you are the perfect shape and size! You have the wrong hair colour, wear the wrong clothes.. the list goes on!

Domestic Violence against women is swept under many a carpet, but what about the outright abuse that is shown towards women on a daily basis in the media around the world? and for that matter what about the violence against men? Granted violence against women is a lot more common, but lets not forget that men do suffer and need some support in this also.

We live in a Patriarchy but that doesn't mean Men in general are not entitled to support and guidance in times of struggle. In fact it is probably a reason that men's issues are swept under the carpet also! They are the 'stronger' sex and as such don't need the support??

We all need support on ALL subject matter, some of us more so than others and that is ok because we should all band together to pick those in need up so that they can join our strength to pick up the next person in need.

Feed the world with the fruits you would like to harvest.

I am a feminist, that doesn't mean I hate men, it doesn't mean I can't empathise with men's issues and problems. It means I feel an obligation to help establish an equalibrium in the world that is steadily losing balance. At this point in time that balance spread worldwide goes against Me, my Daughters our sisters and mothers.
and although I am sure there was or could be a time when that balance tips in the other direction, until that time is upon us, I stand firm on my side trying to weigh it down, so we don't fall off!

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