October 31, 2011

Been a while

Busy, Busy, Busy... It isn't supposed to be the busiest time of year yet is it? Oh that is right, Christmas is nearly upon us and I have a business to kick off the ground as much as I can! Over at Mind to Matter there are happenings ;) Slowly but surely I will make it work :) Things on the home front... Weeeeelll, my house feels a bit neglected, my children probably do too! I have started menu planning for our dinner meals, for 3 weeks now (almost) it seems to be working and working well at that! Yesterday we went to our second session of Living for Less, with Tanya over at Suburban Jubilee Heading out to Killiecrankie Farm for a days of Backyard chicken learnings, from paddock (hen house) to plate! I met the lovely bloggers from Killiecrankie and Apple Island Wife Had some wonderful chats, cake and a cup of tea! This week I will be busy trying to create some goodies to go to market with on Monday!

1 comment:

  1. What a great session with Suburban Jubilee. Wonderful to meet you face to face !
    Some gutsy ladies there getting hands-on with the chooks - great to see such yearning for information.

    See you at the market too !