January 24, 2012

Just another post.

I was just thinking it must have been ages since I posted on the blog! And well it has been 2 whole months!!

4 weeks of that time I have spent hardly any time on the computer, my hubby has had 4 weeks off work and started back yesterday!

So an update, since the last post a lot of things have happened, and also it feels like not much has, you know what it is like!

Those eggs under the broody turned out to all be bad, not 1 chicken to be hatched alive. We sorted them out and decided to give up for a little while because it is just too much and we run out of eating eggs when the chooks are sitting! Then 2 hens went broody, we gave them a couple of weeks without eggs to see how long it lasted and finally gave in. We sent one to the In Laws to sit on a dozen of her eggs and put 6 or so under the other, a week and a bit ago she hatched 4 fluffy little chicks, that are all still healthy and going strong :)
Then the chicken who was on the lot of eggs that didn't make it went broody, so as of a few days back we have a hen sitting on 12 eggs!

So christmas was an event, got some cool things! Kids had a great time! New Year not so much an event, kids all went to bed about 10pm and hubby and I sat up watching TV shows until 12.30 then went to bed, a mere glace at the clock at 12.05 saw a small 'happy new year' from each of us!

Next on the list of things, we had planned to head camping at the beach for my mother's birthday the weekend of the 8th Jan. 2 days before we planned to leave Big Kidlet tripped over the dog and broke her left Tibia. Luckily there was no surgery required but seriously going camping at all, let alone to the beach with lots of sand, with a plaster up to your high thigh is not something that any one wants to do. Not to mention the pain she was in for the first 3-4 days.

So no camping for us! A week after that I had a catering gig for my mum's basket making group. 3 days of cooking for 10 people watching them craft, chatting and then getting in on the action myself with the "Challenge Box Swap"

That brings us to the weekend just past, I headed to a Goddess Workshop on Saturday which was a wonderful afternoon of learning, friendship and love.
The Goddess of the moment was Aphrodite representing Complete Unconditional Love, and for us moving to find ways of "Living the Goddess" ways we can move in our own lives to honour our selves and the Goddess.

Words of wisdom from the day "I am not beautiful like you, I am beautiful like ME!!"

Recognising the beauty in everyone and everything is something most people seem to have lost, but recognising the beauty in ourselves is something that is, not lost but, seen as an undesirable quality.

What a wonderful workshop, ways we brainstormed to celebrate the goddess in you without feeling the guilt we would normally associate with it:

Finish Reading that book, or several, you have sitting in the corner.
Take walks on the beach
Cook a nice meal, just for you!

Anything you have wanted to do but have put off because you can not 'justify' the time spent away from whatever else you are doing. Commit to a time in the next month for you to just do that one thing (or 3 x 30minutes) that you have put aside because of what someone else may think or feel. The house work will be there tomorrow.

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