January 5, 2014

Must be about time for this:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Festive season and welcomed the New Year in style.

It was hectic family filled fun time over Christmas for me.  The new year was bought in, in style with me babysitting a gorgeous little man, I dearly miss having a baby around and delight in looking after my cousin's gorgeous boy, so she could have some fun baby free time.

I have also been sick with a chest infection since the 27th December, taking it as a sign that this is the worst 2014 will bring to me.

Weighing in on Friday saw me only just under the 95kg mark, I didn't meet my Christmas goal of 85kg, but really this doesn't bother me so much, another year of scheduled moving will help kick some more goals. With the help of the awesome team at OperationMove. I recommend you all go there and check out how supportive the team is of EVERYONE, beginner, runner, swimmer, rider, walker, team sports, what ever your moving situation let the team have a go at supporting you.  They Rock!!!

2014 brings with it the promise of opportunity, it sees my youngest child starting her first school year, leaving me child free Mon, Tues and Wed. EVERY WEEK.  This means I have more opportunity to move.  More opportunity to move, means I can better myself, fitness, speed, distance!  It also brings me more opportunity to be part of the OpMove team, to inspire others and to potentially meet other team members in person. Melbourne Running Festival 2014 anyone? 

I am slowly recovering from my chest infection, with the help of lots of rest and antibiotics!  I am still hopeful that I will at least be able to walk my Cadbury Marathon 5k Fun run on the 12th. If anyone would like to support me in my run, I am raising funds for AMAZE, the Victorian Autism community HERE

Or I would be grateful if you would donate to the Clown Doctors via THIS fundraising page, as due to a technical issue Denis's supporters have been directed and donated to my choice of charity and not his own. 

I have also signed up for my next event the Women's 5k, in Launceston to support breast cancer research and awareness in March. 

I am excited by my future fitness and running ability, and would be delighted if you would join me or share this post around for others to join or read about. 


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