October 12, 2013

When things don't quite go to plan!

Holidays (the school variety, when does a mother really get a holiday?):

In Tassie not so much the Sun, Surf and Sand that a lot of main-landers tend to enjoy at this time of year, but as a lifelong Tasmanian, it is all about those things for me!  Well when I can be bothered with the packing and moaning by kidlets, that seems relentless!
Completely prone to a lack of organisation I find myself still packing when we reach our designated leaving time and getting increasingly frustrated as the minutes pass and things don’t quite fit in the car the way your had hoped, and you find yourself leaving items behind.
Eventually we are all in the car and off on the 2.5hour (ish) journey!
Thankfully no one was travel sick on the journey, which is actually quite regular with my children.

I had BIG moving plans!  Almost 2 weeks away, sun, surf and sand... and half of that time I had adult people available to CHILD MIND!!
I started off well, I arrived Sunday afternoon, unloaded the car and set about making the little shack into a temporary home!  
Monday saw me arise at 6.05am (who am I?) to complete W1D1 (week1day1) of the Couch to 5K app – EASILY! OMFG!
My first attempt on the treadmill at home I failed miserably!  But who fails when they have fresh sea air and THIS view!

I had all these plans that meant moving every day but by Monday night I flicked off the alarm for Tuesday morning! Driving around to new places, walking to all these amazing views:
Then eating a huge seafood basket for lunch, had me not wanting to move at ALL, let alone at 6am!

So Tuesday we pottered around and didn’t do much of anything!  Some cooking with the kidlets, which is a HUGE treat for them, as I am a ‘no kids in the kitchen kinda cook’!
By afternoon I was well over everything so I headed out for a steady walk around the place to clear my head!

Wednesday was a new day and I was determined to fit in another run.  This time I thought I might as well push myself, so W2D1 C25K it was...
Completed!  Plus some extra cool down walking time along the water’s edge watching the birds!

It was harder than W1D1, but I completed it without too much pain, so I will stick with W2 until it becomes easier for me!

Bringing us up to Thursday when my youngest developed a tummy pain, fever and spots! I was desperately hoping the spots were just a fever rash, and was entirely relieved when they faded to nothing after her first ‘vomit then sleep’ bout!  While she slept I made a quick dash to the shops to stock up on special dessert treats! 
Did I mention this was Holiday Junkfood Fest?
The rest of the day was spent snuggling 4yo sickie, in between doing the endless washing and dinner prep for everyone else!

Friday morning saw the 4yo jump out of bed bright and chirpy feeling “I’m not sick anymore" and Mummy not so chirpy after spending a wakeful night in a single bed with her! Can you tell yet that Friday was a right off too?
My Sister and children arrived Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with us.

Saturday morning we checked out the local market and opshop and wandered around the town checking out the sites, then back to base as we were expecting another arrival.
My Sister in Law arrived later that arvo and took a bunch of the children to the playground.

Sunday was a great day with hardly any wind, so I went out in the back yard for some Badminton – movement total for the holidays creeps up to about 2.5 hours, plus incidentals.

SIL left at about 11am with my eldest kidlet and my 17yo SIL (and main childminder) in tow.  So Sunday arvo we headed off to the jetty for some fishing and sand play!

Then around to another beach for some rock pools, rock hopping and heart stopping moments from Miss 4’s antics and some more beautiful views again! 

Brings me to Today – Monday (Yes I wrote this post in a notebook while on holiday with no internet access)
My sister and children left this morning leaving me alone with 2 kidlets.  We cooked a vanilla Tea cake, Painted and Potted around the house the rest of the day.

Tuesday and Wednesday are a bit of a blur and a mix up, there was a walk to the playground, (with some laps around the fence for mummy), a trip into town and a stop at another playground! This one had Swings and Mummy enjoyed that!  Also bubbles! Lots and lots of bubbles, and popping of bubbles...

Thursday saw us head home, with a lot of vomiting and pulling over on the way... also a lovely stop of at my other sister’s house for lunch and a quick visit.  Home in time for Miss 4 to walk into the carpeted lounge room before vomiting AGAIN.  Then off we go to Badminton, and I did some walking and running around in between games!

School goes back Monday and day to day life goes back to normal for us.

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