August 16, 2013

Fat-buster Friday??

Bought to you by Syrenex, Katesaysstuff, and MyBlackmores.

I am in Week 9 of the MyBlackmores program, I have just changed my weigh in Day from Monday, to Friday, to coincide with the OpMove check in post, and to prevent clashing with the new development of The Blogfast Club. 

So this week I did a weigh in Monday and sat at an even 100kg! That is a nice loss for the previous week of 0.8kg.  I was very happy with that because I didn't have the best week when it came to calorie counting or portion control!

This is me!

left - taken 17th June, middle - taken 15th July, right - taken 12th August. 

Then as today is my NEW weigh in day, I jumped on the Scales this morning and was AMAZED at the 99.6kg that showed up!  A loss of 400grams since Monday! Not only that I have breached the 3 figures that I haven't seen the other side of for about 6 years!

It has given me some inspiration to kick start my Diary keeping at MyBlackmores properly and caused me to really think about how much I am NOT actually doing! 
If I actually put 100% into this effort I can't imagine where I would be by now...
I want to put in more effort, I want to get myself fit and healthy and although I am making progress, I am not putting in 100 percent of what I could put in... I really need to kick it up a notch and put in my all. 

Thrilled that I have reached my first personal goal to be in double figures, I would like to reach the 10% loss goal of 94.1 before the MyBlackmores offer I am taking advantage expires.  I am pretty sure I am over reaching, however, I am seriously considering signing up for another 3 month stint!

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