August 4, 2013

Drowning in Darkness

The distant rumble woke her instantaneously, wearing only a summer slip, and grabbing a towel as she ran through the door to the beach.  Driven by an unknown force, knowing her way by memory and experience, the complete darkness did nothing to impede her passage. 

Knees huddled to her chest, she sits on the sand, the chill of the summer nights breeze permeates her clothes and raises her skin to goose flesh.  The depths of her body not reached by the chill air, are drowned by the intense darkness the moonless night shrouds her in.
The cold fear of exposure she feels out here on the pitch black beach is only a pin prick compared to the anticipation that the distant roll of thunder promises to bring.

Head turned into the wind, toward the sound of the rushing surf, waiting, patient in the dark.  She feels the static increasing as the promised storm moves towards her, the reason she is here now, dragged out of the warm comfort of her bed, into the cold air.

Feeling the pressure change in the air around her, as she sits huddled on her towel, the rain starts to fall, soaking her to the bone.  She feels her soul start to tremble, just moments before the almost blinding flash over the ocean before her, illuminates the night.

This is it, her reason for being.

Thunder crashes in deafening throbs tearing her soul apart.  The static that fills the air holds the pieces close to her, hovering, as though waiting for something.
As her body slumps in the darkness, a new flash of lightning brings with it the promised completeness... it strikes with certainty lifting her soul-less body into the night, charging the very heart of her being and bonding her soul and body together again.

Somewhere far from here is another body, one who contains the very power to charge her and hold her together.  Setting his own energy force free, began the very storm she anticipated. 
The promise that one day they will meet and give her the wholeness she feels on this night alone,  keeps her grounded until that distant rumble threatens to break her again.

This fictional piece has been brought to you by:
Me, aka Katie aka Syrenex, as part of:
Kate Says Stuff's Blogfast Club.

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