November 1, 2012

Helping Hands: Do you need help?

I really wanted to do an upbeat post to start the month off, after last month's dismal #operationMOVE effort, and the grief the family has shared.

I sat at the computer for what seemed like hours.  Had a few phone calls, one from the School to tell me Big kidlet was ill, and 2 from a friend who is having a hard time of it lately.

These calls did 2 things for me, firstly:
Stuck at home with a sick 3yo I was not in any rush to pack the 2 Kidlets up and cart them on a 40 minute round trip to pick the 3rd Kidlet up! I needed HELP... so a few unanswered phone calls and a returned call later, my Mother in Law saved the day for me, even though she was busy with her own things, she found a way to help me and my sickie Kidlets out.

My friend is in real need of help, organisation and living optimally are not on the agenda, working 12hour days to pay bills that the income doesn't cover, having fallen behind on bills so a consolidation of debts is not on the cards by anyone, and contact has been made with at least 3 financial companies, none of which can help because "You are already in the red"
Not eating or buying junk because there is no time to make anything in your 16hr day, yes up to 4 hrs traveling per day... My friend needs HELP!
I offered everything I can, and the chances are unless I show up on the doorstep randomly one evening and just do it all, my offer will slip passed un-accessed.

What is it that makes people feel as though they can't access help?  Even when it is offered freely? 
I wouldn't offer the help if I didn't want to help or if I was unable to help.

I guess at least I am a listening ear on the other end of the phone!

Would you go round and just start doing?  Do a big cook up and fill the freezer with ready meals?
Offer to help and then sit back and hope to be asked?

This month I am helping myself, #operationMOVE is on again and my aim this month has been reduced to 500minutes.  I am helping myself get healthy and motivated, feel less fatigued and depressed and get more things done in a day! 
Christmas is getting closer and it is time for me to start thinking hard on those small handmade gifts, made with love and filled with wonder!


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  1. Helping anyone in need is a gift we can all freely give...
    But too often helping ourselves gets put on hold when it should be a priority...
    Help yourself a little each and every day my lovely daughter and get fitter and happier and every one around you will be too :)
    Blessed Be .