September 21, 2011

Living Better with Less

Lots been going on, and a lot to catch up on...

Firstly, Hubby and I have just organised to attend this Living Better for Less course.
We start on Sunday doing soap making and a few other bits..
Spaces are almost full so Contact Tanya asap if you want to join in :)

So since my last post...

I promised to let you know what we did for our anniversary and failed miserably at remembering that!
Hubby and I headed to Leven Canyon for a wonderful bush walk sans kids! It was wonderful... I might eventually get to some photo's!

Then that weekend I did my first market... head over to Mind to Matter Blog for an update on all that Jazz!

Then this last weekend, I headed down the east coast to join a host of gorgeous men and women folk, for the 2011 Australian Wiccan Conference! I had a great time, met some amazing people, and hope to keep in touch and catch up them all again :)

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