September 21, 2011

Better Late than Never?

Update time?

Well we headed to the local market, and had a great time met some new people and got rid of a few household items we didn't need anymore. Then we took the toys that didn't sell to the Salvo's bin!

Then I took all my makes to the Australian Wiccan Conference on the weekend and set up my stall there! I am very pleased with the result! Met some lovely people on my weekend away, Shared the Crystal love with everyone, lots of people where keen to throw there hands in the pit and have a play. I will get some of my stall photo's up soon!

I also one a promotional package in the raffle on the weekend, which has led me to really think about where I want my business to go from here... and I am really lost with the answer! I mean I started out doing what I enjoyed and had hoped it would lead to making me a little money to help supplement around here!
When what I started didn't take off and life things happened, I decided the timing wasn't right and put everything on hold!
Then I found a new opportunity and everything has grown again from there. Now I have so many ideas that if I worked with them all I would become far too overwhelmed, so I need to find a way to make everything fit into the way I want to run things.
A friend of mine has suggested working with the seasons, and as that is a part of how I want to live my life it seems to fit with my life and ideals. So working by the seasons means I will make and craft according to the seasonal variations. I will still have certain lines that I will sell year round, like the tumbles, but as for the rest it will be dependent on the time of the year around us!
I will post up a Table of sorts when I have fine tuned the way I want to work things out :)

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