April 14, 2010

Tennis has Started

Well after not making it to ANY meets after swimming had finished and Ishtar still wanting to find some sort of sport which she enjoys playing, the opportunity came to us to join in a home education run Tennis Class. Turns out it was a good idea to join as not only did Ishtar enjoy her first class but she has made her first friend! and to top that off Konrad loved joining in to have a go too so we had a wonderful time at the first Tennis lesson. It runs for 7 weeks. Ishtar is still determined to go to the local school however and I am at the point where I am strongly considering sending her. I think I might try 2 weeks of her getting up in time to catch the bus and having everything ready for her as I would if she was going to school to see how she likes that. She is not a morning person at all.

The new Home Ed group events list should be out soon so we might make it to some more of those and see how we get on there. If she starts getting some friends around the place we might be lucky and she will be happy with out school.

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