February 8, 2010

It's Been a while

So it has been quite a while since I was here and I really need to work on starting up a recording system.

Life has been a bit crazy round here. On the 18th of December we shipped out of the city and headed for 30 acres of lush bush and pasture. Ok, ok, more like 15 acres of bush and 15 acres of hilly cleared land that needs work!
We have a bigger house that is not really crash hot but livable and in the long term we plan to have a new home built. What a learning curve that will be.

So xmas came and went the children had a ball and now can't wait for their birthdays.
We have a new puppy dog, named Chunks, because he threw up on Kurt on the way home from the pet shop. There are 5 turkeys, one has 3 babies. a rooster, 2-3 hens (unsure about one). Somewhere out there there is a lone sheep and goat.

There are a few drakes somewhere too but they seem to stay well away from the house.

3 Dams up in the bush and a nice big water tank store our water, a combustion stove in the kitchen heats the house and the water and also cooks the dinner!

So much work to be done and a massive life journey for everyone involved.

Today we have contacted another home educating mum near us and arranged HEA membership so we will start going to the group meets. Then Ishtar did some art work decorating butterflies and flowers that her nan bought her. While Konrad did some drawing. Next wednesday, heading to the beach for the day. Then Ishtar is thrilled with the idea of going swimming and can't wait to join the group at the pool for 2 whole weeks worth of swimming.

I on the other hand still have boxes here everywhere that are not getting sorted out fast. with a month left to do it,so our housewarming festival is not a disaster.

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