July 19, 2009

Moving Along

Well, this post has been a long time coming. on the 2nd of June I gave birth to my 3rd child, a beautiful girl, we named her Jezara Bethany. Since then life has been very hectic, we have renovations being organised, started and hopefully in the not to distant future finalised. I have arranged for the carpet layers to come in tomorrow and give me an exact quote so we can book in the day for them to come and do the work, that will leave only a few small jobs in the house for me to finish to complete the interior. Then we have a clean up and the job of getting the exterior cladders to come and finish up outside. After those are complete the house will be on the market within a few weeks and hopefully sold very soon after that.

As for schooling well we are not doing alot in that direction at the moment, I am trying to establish my ability to parent 3 children without involving any type of schooling structure first. We have written a few small stories, are taking part in the premiers reading challenge, and are trying to arrange an excursion to somewhere other than the local park! We are part way through a small project on sharks thanks to my sister who helped provide the books and inspiration to Ishtar for the project.

We are slowly allowing some use of the internet but we are limiting that resource because we find that if she starts using the internet that is all she wants to do! I am finding it a struggle to keep Konrad entertained so that Ishtar has some time to herself, while also juggling a 6 week old baby, but it is a learning curve for all of us, and we never expected it to be an easy one. What is easier, is not having to get up early being sleep deprived to get Ishtar up and ready for school, only to have it raining so we all have to pile into the car, go to the school to find no parking spaces, get everyone out, go into the school in the rain, take Ishtar to class, return to the car in the rain, put everyone in again. Drive home, get everyone out, upsetting Konrad because we didn't go anywhere, get everyone inside while Konrad cries about the "broom broom", only to do it all again at 3 oclock and hope it isn't still raining then!

I am yet to get an appointment to review my registration acceptance and am dreading that coming because of how busy everything is, we have barely anything kept to show, have as yet no photo's of trips out and the organisation of those things I am finding really hard. Alot of our plans where based on having a substantial property to work on and gardens to establish, which is not coming anytime soon. although I hope it will be before xmas.

better go it is getting dark and dinner has not even been thought about.

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