April 26, 2009

Starting Out

This is my second blog, My journey into Homeschooling, my almost 7 year old, is just beginning and this is going to be a place for me to record alot of what we do on this journey. Starting a journey is the hardest step and I am sure there will be many hard times along the way! The registration process in Tasmania is a rather daunting one to read about. But after talking to the admin officer and other home school mums it is feeling alot less trouble right now.

The next big step I need to take is sending in a letter outlining the program I plan to use. I have no set program so I am working on a few lists and drafting up a copy at the moment.

I will post some ideas later when I have more time and will post the letter when it is done also.

There is alot going on around here as we are looking at moving house at the same time as starting our home school journey and giving birth to the 5th member of our family.
Bare with me if it takes a while to get things updated.

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