December 5, 2008

Xmas, Xmas, Xmas

Well isn't it that time of year again, The house is a wreck the children are demanding decorations be do and I just don't want to do a damn thing.....

Nevermind all the gifts to buy, then wrap, then store until the day...

This year I thought I would treat myself to some new clothes for xmas but rather than spend $50 on one item I saw in target I decided that stuff it I can make my own, so I went in to Spotlight last week and bought 3 pieces of material that totaled $50 (maybe a little over) And should make me at least 2 pairs of pants and 2 tops or maybe a dress, a pair of pants and a top. Might even try for a skirt... who knows :)

I can only make the patterns and find out I guess. I love the material but I know my family (most of them) will laugh at me when I walk in the door on christmas day and you know what else! I don't care :) I have always and will always be the odd one out.. the one who homebirths and talks wierd stuff all the time, not to mention wears weird clothes hehehe. Family can be lovely at times can't they :)

So I am here to devote some time to update my blog and tell everyone that in the next few weeks there will be a post hopefully containing some hand made clothing item photo's :)
I am excited but dreading the process of finding time to make it all and do everything else between now and christmas.

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  1. Why would they laugh? I would love to see your handmade clothes :-)
    (mama chai)