October 13, 2008

Where have the months gone?

Well, it seems time has gone so fast! I have been here a few times to write something and then got side tracked and never actually managed to get as far as even logging in to post!!

My little boy is running and climbing never mind the walking business. I have been arranging my 10 year high school reunion (Goddess only knows why). The invites where meant to be sent 2 weeks ago and I have only started putting them in the envelopes today (they will be posted before the end of tonight). I have had enjo parties, sex toy parties, Nature Direct parties, and scrapbooking parties, all in the last month. The economy has gone to shit, just when I manage to convince my hubby that we need to have a housing upgrade, and we have to sell to do it!
So I have scrapped my birth photo's album but there is no journaling in it yet, I made a nice little book type thing that I need to journal and put photo's in. Next weekend I am making a christmas star decoration at another scrapping demo then in november yet another one to make a flip book.
The list goes on and on, Time to start thinking about xmas and already I have layby's that haven't been paid off because I completely forget that they exist!!
I am amazed I haven't had one cancelled on me yet.
So much to do and so much I want to do and i can't find the time for anything :(

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